Are you looking for a way to connect with friends and family while you can’t be in the same place? Jonesin’ for escape room puzzles? We’ve got you covered.

  • Roobicks online escape rooms are the perfect way to connect with friends and family no matter where they are in the world.
  • Work together to solve interactive online puzzles over video chat.
  • Divide your group into teams that race against each other to escape first, or sign up as a small group to race against other teams.

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It was a blast and the perfect way to spend quality time with people you love and miss but can't be in the actual same room with right now.

-Ari Ackerman, New York, NY

An exciting virtual version of the popular escape room concept

In a brick and mortar escape room, you and your team are locked in a room and must beat the clock to escape. You search the room to uncover clues and puzzles. You solve those puzzles for codes and input the codes into locks and keypads which in turn open a cabinet or a box or a secret door. In a virtual escape room, you interact with your group and your game master over video chat. You watch videos that immerse you in the scenario and encounter puzzles just like you would in a traditional escape room.


Work with your team by talking out loud and drawing on the screen to figure out codes. Instead of inputting them into a lock, you give the correct codes to your game master to advance to the next stage of the game. You successfully escape and win when you correctly solve the final puzzle!

Couple playing an online escape room
Playing an online escape room together
Couple playing an escape room online
Virtual team building games

A new twist on escape rooms: Race to escape first!

To make our escape games even more exciting, we’ve added a twist to the traditional escape the room game. Our digital escape is played as a race. Your group starts together, then divides into teams that race to escape first. At the end, we come back together to rehash and crown a winner!


If you have a large group, you can contact us to schedule a private time slot and divide into teams to race each other. If you get stuck, your game master will give you hints – but at a price. Each hint adds a time penalty to your final game time. The winner is the team with the fastest total time, including hint penalties.

  • Puzzles and videos show on your screen in your online game room
  • Crack codes, watch video, and find clues to unlock the next step of your adventure
  • Race to escape via video conference against other teams
  • Play with your friends anywhere in the world
  • Live game master runs your game and provides hints
  • One hour of fun

Interactive puzzles guarantee you will connect and have a blast

If you are getting tired of large group zoom calls without direction, our virtual escape games are the perfect online activity to get the whole group together. Your group starts together and then divides into small teams of four to six players to solve puzzles and escape first! Our online puzzles are very interactive and your team will be forced to work together to solve them. You will collaborate out loud and draw on the screen together – don’t worry, we’ll teach you how.


Schedule a private escape game for a group of any size by dropping us a line.

Grandparents playing an escape room onlin
Family playing an escape game together

The perfect way to connect with friends and family near and far

A virtual escape room is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family when you are unable to get together in person. If you love board games with your friend group, you will love playing our online escape rooms.


It can be hard to find a time to get everyone together in one place even when you’re not on quarantine. Our virtual escape games make it easy. Just choose a time together and click the link to play online no matter where in the world you are. Our games also make a fun birthday party activity. For an exciting team building game for your company, visit our team building page.

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Incredibly fun! I've done tons of escape rooms before but not with so many friends - the concept is so original.

-Juan Jelf, Los Angeles, CA