Participants don't just watch - they work together


Our team building escape game is a blast!


Smooth and easy from start to finish, for groups of any size.


Personal moderator for every small team


Customer service that will amaze you

Rachel could not have been more courteous and helpful during the booking process. This was by far our favorite virtual event. We will definitely be back!

-Melissa, Trend Nation


Participants don’t just watch – they work together to solve puzzles by drawing on their screens! They must communicate and problem solve to find codes and advance throughout the game.


Our team building escape game is a blast and everyone loves the friendly competition – at the end we announce a winner! We also offer great wine pairings and chocolate tastings with an elegant box mailed to each participant.


Our virtual events are seamless from start to finish. We provide a lot of staff and go out of our way to make sure the experience is smooth regardless of the individual event parameters.


Every single participant has the same experience regardless of the total group size. We divide into small teams to play the game, each with a dedicated moderator. At the end we announce a winner!


Clients have literally told us in tears how delightful we are to work with! We make everything easy and treat a 10-person group and a 200-person group the exact same way.

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We know you will be impressed.

Choose from our exciting games

My team had a blast competing to solve the clues. It was well-organized and easy to setup. A great exercise for organizations struggling with team cohesion during these strange, virtual times.

-Robert Butler, VP of Tech Controlling, Zalando

Is your team feeling disconnected while working from home? Are you looking for fun team building activities for remote employees?

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  • Roobicks online escape rooms are the perfect way for remote workers to bond and reconnect.
  • The experience is close and personal regardless of your group size because employees play in small teams of four to six players that race to escape first.
  • The quality of our virtual team building activity is unmatched, with exciting interactive puzzles and a high moderator to participant ratio.

Fun Virtual Team Building Games that Remote Employees Love

Our games are extremely interactive – players solve puzzles by drawing on the screen. No scratch paper necessary! Your remote team joins our online team building game through video conferencing. We explain the rules and divide everyone up into teams that race to crack codes and escape first. The only way to solve them is by working together out loud and on the screen. Players watch videos that set the storyline and immerse themselves in our fun virtual scenarios. With the help of video chat, they work puzzles that require critical thinking and teamwork to solve.



There is a reason our teambuilding games have become so popular. Participants really value the personal connections built in the small groups and love the friendly competition amongst teams – some companies offer a prize to the winning team! Employees love it so much that we are often asked to come back and we offer multiple games to accommodate companies wishing to book a second event with overlapping players.

Virtual team building experience
Playing a virtual team building game
Virtual team building games

Virtual teambuilding of unparalleled quality

We take great pride in the quality of our virtual team building activities – our staff to participant ratio is unmatched. In person, it is easy for large groups to work together, but active participation over a video conference call requires a smaller group size than in-person teambuilding activities. Because of this, we divide your group into small teams of 4-6 players. This allows employees to connect on an individual level.



Each online team has its own dedicated moderator – called a game master – acting as a guide from start to finish. If anyone needs help, they just ask for it! Game masters show the videos, puzzles, and game content right on the screen. Players do not open any attachments or login to a separate website. From the time players enter our virtual game room, they stay on the same screen – even when we separate them into their teams! It’s a seamless experience.

Interactive Problem Solving Increases Employee Engagement

Your company’s culture and morale depend on your team feeling connected and building relationships even while working apart. Strong teams frequently engage with one another on a personal level and strengthen existing relationships through team bonding. The interactive format of our teambuilding exercise allows teams to learn from one another and practice leadership. Our puzzles are designed to require collaboration via video chat and our games are varied so that players with different skill sets contribute equally to escape. 


Remote employees brainstorm out loud via video conference and draw directly on the screen to figure out codes – it’s similar to drawing on a shared online whiteboard. When the game master hears the correct code, participants advance the next part of the game. Our game masters are trained to give hints in little nudges so that players have the “aha” moment themselves and the satisfaction of having figured it out together as a team! Our games are so much fun that employees often come back with their families to play again!

  • Teammates reconnect and strengthen bonds while social distancing
  • Build trust and camaraderie with healthy competition as teams race to escape first
  • Work together via video conference to crack codes and find clues to progressively unlock the adventure
  • Live game master provides as much help as needed - all teams finish but only one team finishes first

The Perfect Virtual Team Building Event for a Company of Any Size

Because of the unique format of our virtual activity, we can successfully host groups of any size in our remote team building activities. No matter how large the group, all participants get the benefit of making personal connections by working with their small team of four to six in a private video conference. We offer several games with unique escape scenarios and different difficulty levels. In a quick meeting with your team manager, we will help you select the right game for your team. Our one-hour time frame is the perfect length to maximize fun and minimize fatigue.


Our virtual team building games are a great icebreaker activity for remote employees that are still getting to know each other and will also engage remote employees who have been working together for years. They will learn even more about each other and strengthen existing bonds. Our fun virtual team building events offer equal the fun and equal the bonding as an in-person team building event at an extremely reasonable price point!

Employees play an ice breaker game
Virtual teambuilding
Happy remote employee playing team building game

Why is our Virtual Team Building Activity Perfect for Your Team?

Our remote team building games are the best online escape rooms in the team building market. Our games are fun and immersive while also requiring critical thinking and teamwork. By dividing your group into small teams of only 4-6 players, we ensure employee engagement and bonding.


The quality of our virtual activity is so important to us that each of those small teams get a dedicated moderator who will provide hints and guide them through the games. The puzzles are so interactive and engaging that teammates are forced to collaborate both out loud and by drawing on the screen. Our feedback speaks for itself – many companies have already hired us for a second virtual team building exercise! For the best virtual team building ideas for your company, contact us today to schedule your event.

Employees Rave About our Fun yet Competitive Game

We make sure that every participant completes our online team building game! We don’t set a strict time limit or cut anyone off. Instead, if a team has been working a puzzle for five minutes without progress, our moderators jump in to give a little nudge in the right direction. Ultimately, we keep everyone moving through our team builder at a good pace to make sure each team escapes. But rest assured – it’s still a race. After all teams finish, we meet back in the remote meeting room, tally up the times with hint penalties, and crown a winner.


All remote workers are welcome to continue socializing in our online game room afterward – we think of it as the virtual water cooler. Everyone loves rehashing the virtual team building exercise and we often see some friendly razzing over who needed the most hints. If you are looking for the best team building ideas for your distributed team, there is no question that we are the answer.

Remote team building game
Virtual happy hour

Looking for a Longer Virtual Experience? Explore our Add-Ons

Our one-hour online team building escape rooms are a fun and effective way to build trust and increase employee engagement with the team. For companies looking for a little more, we can add virtual icebreakers to the team building exercises. If an icebreaker game isn’t enough, for a fun team we can turn the event into a virtual happy hour by adding on a mixologist or virtual wine tasting before the team building activities and games begin!

For those looking for a longer activity or more robust offsite event, we can add other games and activities like scavenger hunts or bundle our virtual escape room with a team dynamics facilitator who will observe the game and discuss player dynamics afterwards.

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We know you will be impressed.

What a blast. After trying it once I couldn't wait to try it again. The group sizes were just right, puzzles were well thought out, and it was very easy to navigate or operate from your computer. I found Roobicks to be almost meditative and relaxing and great calisthenics for the mind.... and it's obviously addictive.
Ty Nelson
Ty N.
15:02 15 Jul 20
This experience was such fun. I signed up alone and was assigned a team who turned into quick friends by the end of our one hour challenge together. The games were challenging and had us all working together seamlessly. It was the perfect way to spend another "pandemic night in". I can't recommend this experience enough. Sign up solo or get together a group of friends from across the country (or world!) to meet up virtually with Roebucks leading the way through a fun evening.
Aparna Shewakramani
Aparna S.
02:42 15 Jul 20
LOVED IT! Having done several in-person escape rooms, I wasn't sure if I'd like it digitally... but it was FANTASTIC!! Love the interactive components with your teammates. The live game master really made the experience quite unique from an in-person room. HIGHLY suggest!
Carrie Stamps
Carrie S.
16:54 10 Jul 20
Yes yes yes! I’m having a hard time writing this review because I’m getting amped up, wishing I could play again! Roobicks is awesome! There is a live game master and we played against teams from across the country. The games have clever storylines, challenging puzzles, and I didn’t have to leave my couch- does it get any better?! You’ll love it!
Samantha Iwamoto
Samantha I.
03:37 10 Jul 20
My husband and I signed up for a game- it was our first virtual escape room and we were really impressed with all the details and the live game master. We poured some wine and made it an easy “date night” without having to get a sitter!
Beth Diehl-Griego
Beth D.
20:22 09 Jul 20
This is amazing!! It’s a great way to connect with people who are not in your area or bond with coworkers. The staff are great guides during the experience. I can’t wait to do this again!!!
17:56 09 Jul 20
What an innovative and fun way to spend time with family and friends while in the safety of your own home! No virus here! 10/10 would recommend. You can even enjoy an adult beverage while playing!! 🙂
Francesca Resch
Francesca R.
17:38 09 Jul 20
THIS escape room has staying power! Even when the great Covid of 2020 is over, THIS will remain. I booked this with a group of friends who enjoy escape rooms... we were all pleasantly surprised and can envision doing this with friends/family across the country.
Daniel Hofstein
Daniel H.
00:53 03 Jul 20
The virtual escape room experience was so enjoyable. The puzzles were challenging, but really fun. Would highly recommend for friends or family wanting to stay connected online. I would definitely get a team together again and try a different escape room.
Golda Cordowin
Golda C.
00:17 03 Jul 20
Great escape game online!! The puzzles are very fun to do and the team is amazing !! I strongly recommend if you are looking for a very good time with friends and family. Definitely looking forward for another Roobicks night!
Emeline Baldacchino
Emeline B.
20:10 29 Jun 20
My friends and I had a blast competing against each other in the escape room. The clues were challenging but not impossible! I was impressed by how well organized it was and the ease of setup. It was also so much fun to reconnect with friends from all around the world. It’s a great exercise for organizations who are struggling with team cohesion during these strange, virtual times.I recommended this to my team at work. We ended up doing this with two teams competing against each other. Everyone loved it! It was also a good opportunity to understand more about our team and how we work in different situations! A lot of new skill sets uncovered 🙂
Robert Butler
Robert B.
12:21 25 Jun 20
We did the basement, and it was so much fun. Truly as close as you can get to an actual escape room experience without leaving the house!
Janine Porcell
Janine P.
19:36 09 Jun 20
Incredibly fun!! I have done tons of escape rooms before but never a virtual one like this, the concept is so original! Ideal for these times we are living in. We played in teams against each other, trying to escape first. The puzzles were very challenging and had us thinking outside the box to solve them, it was so intense! Rachel does a great job as a game master and is super friendly. I will totally recommend this to my friends.
juan andres Jelf
juan andres J.
15:48 29 May 20
“It was SO fun! I had no idea what to expect but my partner and I got so into it that before we knew it, it was over. Roobicks puzzles were hard, but not too hard and forced us to think outside of the box. The online aspect was perfect for crazy Covid times like these and was a great way to get our minds off what was happening in the real world and also reconnect with some friends (who we beat by 12 mins). I will definitely do this again.”
Andres M
Andres M
19:08 26 May 20
The virtual escape room was super fun! Was really impressed with the creativity and difficulty of the challenges and it was a great interactive way to connect with friends, beyond a normal group video chat, especially during these times. Rachel did a great job hosting the games as well!
Michael Chang
Michael C.
19:33 24 May 20
“We had the great family adventure of participating in one of Rachel’s escape rooms! We divided into teams and were skillfully led through different “rooms” of puzzles to solve – with hints that came in handy a few times. It was a blast and the perfect way to spend quality time with people you love and miss but can’t be in the actual same room with right now.”
Ari Ackerman
Ari A.
00:31 23 May 20
We loved doing this virtual escape room. What a great way to keep our minds sharp, have fun, and stay connected to friends. I highly recommend it
Benjamin and Jordana Cooperberg
Benjamin and Jordana C.
00:16 23 May 20